DEIR Comments

As a public service, CLAIM has taken on the immense task of hosting the IMMC DEIR comments online for all to use. The City of Grass Valley has not posted these comments online. The City provided a CD with the files on it which we have used to create this archive. The comments are not well organized, with many duplicates and numerous comments collected together in huge PDF files. Many thanks to Don P. and Barb M. for doing the vast majority of the index work. Let us know if you find a broken link or other improvement at CLAIM.

The comments that we received from our volunteers, other local non-profits, and several government agencies are indexed first. Following these comments are the remainder of the comments that were received by the City. There were several "comments" which were not targeted at the DEIR but which were typically requests for an extension of the review period. These are not counted. Of the approximately 188 unique comments submitted, over 80% were critical of the DEIR and / or the project.

Comments from CLAIM-GV

There are 5 files which constitute the entire comment package, the comment letter and 4 attachments.
CLAIM Comment Letter   Attachment1   Attachment2   Attachment3   Attachment4

Comments from Government Agencies

Comments from other local organizations

Comments from CLAIM-GV volunteers

These comments have been labeled based on the primary section or sections which were commented upon by the authors. In several cases authors have provided comments on most or all of the DEIR and these are noted as "EntireDEIR".

All Comments not provided in the above sections

NOTE: Comments were provided to us by the City of Grass Valley. In many cases a number of comments were included in one large PDF file. We cannot split these PDF's apart, so we have provided page numbers for you, as a reference inside the PDF. Some of these collected PDF's are very large and we do not recommend that anyone with a dial-up internet connection attempt to download these files. The largest PDF file is: immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF at 17MB.

In many cases comments are repeated since they were submitted via email and by hard copy. We have tried to eliminate the duplicates.

If you cannot find your comment or you have corrections or suggestions about making this index more valuable, please send us an email

NC Assn Realtors immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 1-4
unknown immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 5-6
Ralph Andersson/Linear Technology immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 7-11
Bob Clark immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 12-18
Todd Kaplan immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 33-37
Marina Bernheimer   immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 38-43
Gloria Glyer immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 48
Orlo Steele immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 49-52
David Watkinson immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 53-57
Rosalind Parducci immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 58
Judy Duane immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 59-62
Lindsay Brooke immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 63-65
Jane Pelton   immc_deir_comments_012109.PDF 67
Steve Haimovitz email-comment-1.pdf
Sally Bartindale   email-comment-2.pdf
R. Gauna email-comment-3.pdf
Richard & Lynn Isaeff email-comment-4.pdf
Northern Sierra Air Quality Mgmt  email-comment-5.pdf
Nevada County Local Agency Formation Commission email-comment-6.pdf
Nate Beason email-comment-7.pdf
Meaghan Eliza email-comment-8.pdf
Larry & Joy Ransdell email-comment-9.pdf
Joseph Chochran email-comment-10.pdf
Jim Wood - GoldenBear Ceramics email-comment-11.pdf
Jennifer Carvillle email-comment-12.pdf
Jonathan Keehn - Wolf Creek Alliance email-comment-13.pdf
Hope Light email-comment-14.pdf
David Brownstein - Wolf Creek Alliance email-comment-15.pdf
Clifton Brown email-comment-16.pdf
IMM Corp immc_deir_comments_012009_batch7combined.pdf
letter from IMMC  to Tom Last 1/20/2009 immc_deir_comments_012009_batch7combined.pdf (p.1-11)
Attachment A:  Todd Engineering   immc_deir_comments_012009_batch7combined.pdf (p.12-36)
Memorandum to IMMC from Todd Engr. (12/16/2008) immc_deir_comments_012009_batch7combined.pdf (p.37-44)
Attachment B:  Todd Engineering   immc_deir_comments_012009_batch7combined.pdf (p.45-57)
Attachment C: IMMC comments immc_deir_comments_012009_batch7combined.pdf (p.58-69)
Art Healy immc_deir_comments_012009_batch_6 (p. 9-21)
Risa J. Roseman immc_deir_comments_012009_batch_6 (p.37)
Peter Bajka immc_deir_comments_012009_batch_6 (p. 38)
Gil Mathew - Economic Resource Council immc_deir_comments_012009_batch_6 (p. 39-40)
Janice Bedayn immc_deir_comments_012009_batch_6 (p.41-42)
Marina Bernheimer - Save the Air in Nevada City immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 1-4)
John England - Linear Technology immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 15-16)
Karen Callahan - California Native Plant Society immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p.17-18)
Carol Kuczora immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 19)
Gary Pierazzi immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 32-33)
Larry Hoffman immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 34-35)
Pat Wynne immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 36-44)
P. Levikow immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 45-47)
Ronald & Laurel Brunmeier immc_deir_comments_012009_batch5_1.pdf (p. 48)
Daniel Landon - Nevada County Transportation Commission immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  1-2
Carol Marshall immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  3-4
Nicholas Deal - California Dept of Transportation immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  5-6
Peter Willcox immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf   7-8
Kent Pernwarden immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  9-11
"Rocky" (can't read name) immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf   12-13
Tedd Sapp immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf 14-15
Veronica Warmerdam immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf 16
Jeff Huggins - Calif Regional Water Quality Control Board immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf   17-21
Dee & Howard Simons immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf 22-23
Lois Engel immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  28
Robert Ferroggiaro immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  29-34
Suzanne Smith, AICP immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  35-46
Brian Fry immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  47-48
Judy L Ford immc_deir_comments_012009_batch3.pdf  54-55
Frank Olson immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 1
Raymond & Linda Janssen immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 36-37
Sandra Bruce immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 38
James & Genevieve Vierling immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 39-40
Mitch Giles immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 41-42
Tom & Chris Shappert immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 43-44
Steve Shappert immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 45-46
Jack & Suzanne Bartlett immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 47
Robert & Delia Isaeff immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 48-49
Beryl Moody & Igor Raven immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 50-51
William Hastings immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 52-53
Willy Kollmeyer immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 54
Eleanor Kenitzer immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 55
Robert Pease immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 56-58
Helen Williams immc_deir_comments_012009_batch2.pdf 59
Lauren Anderson   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 1-2
Jane Pelton   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 3
Lindsay Brooke   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 4-10
Rosalind Parducci   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 11
David Watkinson (President & COO of IMMC) immc_deir_comments_020309_2 12-16
Gloria Glyer   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 17
Orlo Steele   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 18-21
Bohemia Area Residents Committee / BARC immc_deir_comments_020309_2 22-25
Todd Kaplan   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 26-30
Guarionex & Sharon Delgado immc_deir_comments_020309_2 31-43
Bob Clark   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 44-50
Sierra Nevada Mining & Industry Council immc_deir_comments_020309_2 51-53
Rick Smith   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 54-55
Suzanne Rood Berger   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 56-58
Charlotte Burnett   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 59-60
Mary Russel   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 61-62
Robert Bogart   immc_deir_comments_020309_2 63-70
Jennifer Carville, Carville-Sierra immc_deir_comments_020309_2 71-72
Trisha Tillotson GV City Engineer immc_deir_comments_012009postmark.pdf
Tony Clarabut Fire Chief immc_deir_comments_012009postmark.pdf
Arthur Duey immc_deir_comments_012009postmark.pdf
Jim Dunbar immc_deir_comments_012009postmark.pdf
Donald Hoffler, Robinson Enterprises immc_deir_comments_012009postmark.pdf
Edward Walker, Robinson Enterprises immc_deir_comments_012009postmark.pdf
Rocky (incomplete scan) immc_deir_comments_020309
J [somebody from Whispering Pines] immc_deir_comments_020309
Ralph Hitchcock immc_deir_comments_020309
Diane & Frank Gould, Realtor immc_deir_comments_020309
Diane & Frank Gould, Realtor immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Darlene Shimada immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Jerry Henderson immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
no name immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Elise Hougesen immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
J. Pelton immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Bill Gann, NID immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Izzy Martin, Sierra Fund immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Barbara Rivenes, Sierra Club immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Mike Nevius immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Beth & Kevin Baker immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
John Spencer immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Carol Marshall, SNMIC immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Katy Sanchez, Native American Heritage Commission immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Bob Bogart, BMHA immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Heidi Hall, CLAIM immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Joyce Starling immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Johnathan Keehn immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Dave Watkinson, IMMC immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
Patrick Hurley immc_deir_comments_110408_120208
James Wood   wood_james_gbc.pdf
Geri Stout geristout.pdf
Garrett Robinson garrettrobinson_energy.pdf
Ron Ramsey ronramsey_water.pdf
Willian Now now_william_011909.pdf
Helene Hall helenehall_general.pdf
R Gauna gauna_R_012009.pdf
Joseph Cochran josephcochran_gbc.pdf
Julia Carrol juliacarrol_general.pdf
William S. Watters, Chief Mining Engr., IMMC   immc_deir_comments_011309 1
Mary Anderson   immc_deir_comments_011309 2
Barbara Schmitt, Wolf Creek Alliance   immc_deir_comments_011309 3-11
Rob Katzenstein   immc_deir_comments_011309 12
Melisa Wilder   immc_deir_comments_011309 15-19
Austin Emmerling   immc_deir_comments_011309 20
Ronald Cherry   immc_deir_comments_011309 21-22
Joyce Hoffman    immc_deir_comments_011309 23
Patricia Stroud   immc_deir_comments_011309 24
Sandy Hesnard, Dept of Transportation, Div of Aeronautics immc_deir_comments_011309 25-26
Gregory Martin   immc_deir_comments_011309 27-29
Swesley Nicks, Nev County Dept Environmental Health immc_deir_comments_010709 1-6
Gregory Martin   immc_deir_comments_010709 7-17
Elise Hougesen   immc_deir_comments_010709 18
Valerie Kack   immc_deir_comments_010709 19
Peter Bajka   immc_deir_comments_010709 20
Patrick Hurley   immc_deir_comments_010709 21-23
Fact Sheet by Cal/EPA's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assess & Amercian Lung Assoc. immc_deir_comments_010709 24-26
S. R. Jones, LAFCo   immc_deir_comments_010709 27-30
Bill Gann, NID   immc_deir_comments_010709 31-32
Bob Wilder   immc_deir_comments_122308 1
Jim Heard, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital   immc_deir_comments_122308 2-5
Tim Hackworth   immc_deir_comments_122308 6
Kim Alt   immc_deir_comments_122308 7
Matt Hipell   immc_deir_comments_122308 8
James Pompy, Dept of Conservation, Office of Mine Reclamation immc_deir_comments_122308 9-12
Sandy Hesnard, Dept of Transportation   immc_deir_comments_122308 13-14
Fred Dias   immc_deir_comments_122308_2 1
Julia Carroll   immc_deir_comments_122308_2 2
Roy Anderson   immc_deir_comments_122308_2 4-5
Mary Russell immc_deir_comments_late 1-2
Charlotte Burnett immc_deir_comments_late 3-4
LAFCo immc_deir_comments_late 5-11
Suzanne Berger immc_deir_comments_late 12-14
Rick Smith immc_deir_comments_late 15-16
SNMIC immc_deir_comments_late 17-19